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We have found it easy to work with them especially since they adopt a practical and flexible approach. The staff are both professional and friendy, and despite us only having very basic knowledge in IT, working with them proved really easy, cause they took the trouble  to guide us patiently through the entire process.
SPA Recovery Services (Pvt) Ltd
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We provide preventive maintenance service programs to address the needs of businesses that do not have qualified computer technicians on staff. Basic equipment maintenance such as data backup, virus cleaning and software updates is administered on a scheduled basis. By following a few basic procedures clients can greatly reduce the risk of data loss or hardware failure. The following information represents some of the procedures of a typical preventive maintenance program.

Anti Virus Protection

Clients are required to maintain a current version of an anti-virus software. Systems will be configured to automatically perform virus definition updates and perform full system virus scans weekly. The anti-virus software is configured to scan in-coming and out-going emails, the most common method of virus transfer. Anti-virus settings and definition files are verified during each service visit to ensure that data is protected from virus damage.

Spyware and Malware Removal

Most computer users today are familiar with the term spyware because they or someone they know has experienced the aggravation of this software firsthand. Sluggish computer performance, altered home pages, and endless pop-up ads are all signs your PC could be infected. Everyone who uses a computer is susceptible. Spyware has often been referred to as a virus, but this is not accurate. The software does not duplicate itself like a virus, which is why it is never detected when an anti-virus program is run

We run spyware removal programmes on each service visits thereby minimizing your risk.

Software Updates/System Optimization

Operating system updates and patches are downloaded and installed to ensure that your system has the most current version of the OS software. Internet browser software updates or upgrades are preformed as software changes become available.

Updated component drivers are installed as they become available or are required by system changes. Hardware configurations are checked to be sure that they are operating efficiently and without conflict with other components.

Defrag and scan disk maintenance programs are run to detect any problems that your hard drive may have. Specialty error diagnostic software is run on other system components to verify that they are in good working order. Hard drive file organization is checked and any misplaced files are moved to their correct data folders. Any temporary or unneeded files are located and removed.

We perform a needs consultation to review your current setup and then provide you with a custom maintenance program.
Number of Computers Cost per Computer
1 to 5 Rs. 200/- per month
6 to 10 Rs. 150/- per month
11 and above Rs. 100/- per month
Additional Charges for Unscheduled Visits
Visiting Charges:
Within Colombo City Limits
Outside Colombo City Limits

Hard Disk Formatting
Hard Disk Partition
Hardware Installation (per item)

Virus Cleaning

Data Backup
Data Transfer
Data Recovery

Network Configuration
Network Settings (per computer)
Email Account Configuration (per account)

- Rs. 500/-
- Rs. 700/-

- Rs. 500/-
- Rs. 300/-
- Rs. 300/-

- Rs. 750/-

- Rs. 500/-
- Rs. 300/-
- Rs. 900/-

- Rs. 500/-
- Rs. 200/-
- Rs. 200/-
Other Services - Charge to be determined prior to undertaking job

Note: All above charges are excluding VAT.
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