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We have found Glocon to be a very professional company who have been very proactive in significantly increasing our business opportunities and therefore increasing our profit. We are more than pleased with the service that we receive and the distance that we are apart makes no difference.
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Global Conventions provides unique outsourcing services for the global IT market. We help our customers gain a competitive advantage by providing services in a fast, affordable, and professional manner.

We offer a wide range of services from Research & Development to Administration & Support. This allows our clients to reach the market faster with a professionally developed, high quality, product. We perform all phases of the development lifecycle.

Professionalism is the cornerstone at Global Conventions. It is the primary reason for our success; whether we are delivering a project for a new client or for an existing client. We have a talented team that uses creating thinking and hard work in combination with practical software development methodology and well designed infrastructure.

We understand the importance of human resources to our long-term success. We work hard to attract, keep and train our highly skilled team. Our HR service selects the best candidates available. We continuously hold formal internal training to ensure our engineers and representatives are learning and improving their existing skills. We also send developers to external training and conferences so they are always up to date on latest technologies.

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